Network meeting 2008

News and Important Dates

The main purpose of this last network meeting is to sum up all the work of the networks ERs and ESRs. Therefore all ERs and ESRs are supposed to participate in this meeting, even when they already left the network. In order to prepare an interesting program it is mandatory to receive abstracts from all ERs and ESRs in advance.The scientific organizing committee will select topics and speakers to finalize the program which will be oriented with respect to the main scientific topics of our network. We therefore encourage all participants of the network to contribute to our last meeting. We are looking forward to a fruitful network meeting.

  • Registration open on : April 26th 2008
  • Deadline for registration and fees payment: May 26th 2008
  • Dealine for abstract to be considered as oral presentation: May 26th
  • Abstract can be submitted up to : July 1rst 2008